Aug 14, 2010

Victory... and time

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Above: from The Chicago Daily Tribune, 65 years ago today

August 14, 1945: “VICTORY DAY came at 6:00 [p.m.]. I was home alone with the baby. I cried for a while, and then Herb called and I got dressed. [...] I went to Dee's house and Dee, Merle and I went down Archer [Ave.] and fooled around. Stopped in a grocery store and bought some vittles. Ate at Dee's house. I really had fun. Everyone was gloriously happy.”

One year later, on August 14, 1946, author H.G. Wells died in London at age 79. In his book, The Time Machine, Wells wrote:
“But you are wrong to say that we cannot move about in Time. For instance, if I am recalling an incident very vividly I go back to the instant of its occurrence: I become absent-minded, as you say. I jump back for a moment. Of course we have no means of staying back for any length of Time, any more than a savage or an animal has of staying six feet above the ground. But a civilized man is better off than the savage in this respect. He can go up against gravitation in a balloon, and why should he not hope that ultimately he may be able to stop or accelerate his drift along the Time-Dimension, or even turn about and travel the other way?”

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