Aug 12, 2010

“We'll Be Together Again”

August 12, 1946: “(Herb) had a cup of coffee with me, and as we were sitting around talking they played ‘We'll Be Together Again’ on the radio. Then he took me into the hall, and kissed me good bye. I love him more than I ever did before.”

That was the last time Dot would see Herb Martin, her boyfriend and, as of six months ago, her fiance. Herb, on leave from the Navy, was now headed back to his Washington D.C. base. As Dot would soon learn, Herb had a girlfriend there, also named Dorothy, who eventually would become Mrs. Herb Martin.

In the back of her '46 diary, my mother wrote: “I cry every time I hear it, 'cause it seems like it's Herb's and my song.”

The tune was a big hit at the time for the Les Brown Orchestra with Doris Day. The nice rendition above is by Rosemary Clooney.

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