Aug 15, 2010

Good Times

“Inquiring Camera Girl” was a regular column in the Chicago Daily Tribune during the years 1945-46 as well as prior-to and beyond. Readers who submitted an “interesting” question subsequently used in the paper were awarded $5. Using a “man or woman on the street” approach, reporter Maryon Zylstra stationed herself at various locations to ask passers-by the inquiry of the day and to take their pictures.

In the August 14, 1945 edition of the Tribune, the question was “What is your idea of having fun or a good time? If asked exactly on that day, which it wasn't, “This!!” might well have been the answer, because of course it was V-J Day--the end of the war, and millions were celebrating in the streets.

Nevertheless, the answers given days before could apply to that joyous occasion anyway:
Lois Martini, student: I like riding in convertibles. If I'm laughing a lot, I consider that I'm having fun. If I'm in a happy mood, anything I do is fun.

Helen Mathieson, student, Highland, Ind.: Dancing with a smooth dancer is most enjoyable.

Francis Franke, student: I especially like entertainment that hasn't been planned. Anything that happens on the spur of the moment is always interesting and exciting.

Elvira Skavich, Lemont: It isn't necessary to spend money before I can have a good time.

Sylvia Ginsburg, student: Just being myself and feeling in a gay mood is having a good time.


  1. Anonymous10:09 AM CDT

    Last night I had the pleasure of meeting the delightful Marion Telstra and Dan bellows at Reflections in Lake Villa They both are delightful people with wonderful stories . What a great time they lived in and it is their ability to live it so fully and bring joy to others though music and pictures

  2. Dear Anonymous,

    Do you mean you met Maryon Zylstra? The Tribune's Inquiring Camera Girl?? If so, that's amazing, and I'd like to hear more, if you would, please. Thanks.

    Dave (Dot's son)