Mar 27, 2011

March: the lion- and the lamb-like

Dot's Diary, Tuesday, Mar. 27, 1945:

“After school, Sonny and I went by Ginny's house and then we went to White Castle's and Parnell's. Saw Jim but he didn't see me.

Later in the evening, Sis, Ginny and I went up to 55th & Halsted to wait for Helen and—god, was there a powerful wind blowing. She came around 25 to 9, and she went into Skateland to see if Saby* was in there. He wasn't. Gosh, I felt sorry for her and I don't think he's even worth writing about.”

I awoke on this sunny March 27th morning in 2011 to a very un-March-like 30 degrees. Nowhere near the record low of minus-one degree (1965). But not quite the balmy, all-time record-setting 82 Chicago was experiencing on this day in 1945. It must have given my mom an extra bounce or two in her step (even more so if that powerful wind was at her back!), as she really covered a lot of ground today.

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