May 9, 2007

V-E Day views

My preconceived notions about V-E day were a little bit fractured. I'd had a picture of gala reveling everywhere. But after gathering some information for the May 8th diary entry, I found it wasn't quite that way. Although there were celebrations, the prevailing mood was somber, as people knew all too well the job was only half-done and that many had sacrificed. I wonder if my preconceptions were shared by anyone else; comments welcomed.


  1. Anonymous8:43 PM CDT

    Interesting. I was on the west coast (San Francisco) and I have no clear recollection of VE Day, whereas I certainly remember VJ Day. So I would concur that there was a difference.

  2. irv-your comment would reconfirm that VE Day was, in fact, more subdued, or at least more than I previously thought, thanks.