Nov 26, 2010

Biking in Englewood

Host Geoffrey Baer

Chicago's PBS television station, WTTW, will be airing repeat showings of an excellent program, "Biking the Boulevards". Host Geoffrey Baer cycles the city's string of boulevard parkways beginning on Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive, and finishing up at Humboldt Park. Along the way, Baer traverses Garfield Park Boulevard, pausing in the Englewood neighborhood. Baer briefly chats about the area's history and redevelopment efforts, as well as the infamous Holmes case and Kennedy-King College.

As a cyclist myself, and having biked a couple of the organized "boulevard rides", I found the show both fun and informative, albeit just a little frustrating, coming as it does right at the beginning of our bicycle-unfriendly winter.

Watch the entire show here, at WTTW's “Biking the Boulevards” Web site.

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