Oct 15, 2010

Village Ice Cream

Monday, October 14, 1946:
“We met Sis and Sunny, and then met Doty and Chuck. We took a ride in Chuck's car to 79th & Ashland and ‘The Village’–a real cute ice cream parlor.”
The Village Ice Cream Shop was at 7814 S. Ashland Avenue. As with so many of the smaller eating establishments that existed in the 1940s-- the Minuet Grill and Parnell Restaurant, for instance--there is little if any information about them. It's frustrating. However, I just recently located one tiny item of interest about The Village--a matchbook cover:

(From the Chuckman Collection)

The Village served Scholl Dairy Products. I can't make out all of the matchbook's small print, but it seems to read something like, “Home of Scholl Pure 100% (or is it 10%?) Ice Cream. All flavors cooked(?) from fresh fruits.”

As I'd previously noted, the Village's owner in subsequent years became a victim of an extortion scheme, resulting in an appearance before a U.S. Senate committee in the 1950s, where he testified before John and Robert Kennedy. There's more about that here.

Here's what the ice cream shop site looks like today. The small building on the left it 7814. It's difficult to tell from this Google street view, but it could be that it's the original, Village Ice Cream building with a different (and not very attractive) facade.

Scholl Dairy, as the matchbook says, was located at 5604 S. Throop St. (now evidently a vacant lot) at one time. At present they are in Michigan City, Indiana. The company has been in business for over 125 years, and is apparently being run by Scholl family members.

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  1. Anonymous8:14 AM CST

    Fascinating. I wonder if somebody at the current Scholl company could tell you if it's 10% or 100%? (looks like 10 to me, but that doesn't sound that positive, does it?)