Sep 7, 2010

Merely phone...

September 7, 1945: “Got home from school and Herb called and he said ‘Railway Express’. I said ‘Got a package for me?’, and he said ‘Um-hum. A bundle of love.’ Real cute.”

Before the word “FedEx” became familiar as both a noun and a verb, the Railway Express Agency was, as the brochure above honestly states, “American's High Standard Shipping Service”.
Whether you use Railway Express every day in your business or for occasional personal shipments, our nation-wide rail and air express services are always at your call. With hundreds of new express cars, motor vehicles and other equipment being added to our facilities, we are keeping pace with your every shipping need. Convenient pick-up and delivery at your home or office ... is provided at no extra cost for your shipments, large or small. Merely phone...
Railway Express filed for bankruptcy in 1975, two years after Federal Express began operations.

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