Aug 31, 2010

The Monon Line

August 31, 1946: “Took our train (from) 63rd and Wentworth. A modern one. It was crowded so we had to sit on our suitcases. Had a lot of fun tho. The train got to Winamac at 4:15, and we almost missed the stop. So we had to run thru the train, yelling ‘Stop!!’. (Dave's) brother-in-law, Bill, met us at the station and drove us to their place.”

Dot's Winamac, Indiana stop was probably Fair Oaks (highlighted in yellow above), just north of Rensselaer, and the closest town to Winamac which is a short distance west. Further south is the town of Monon, population 1,800, and the namesake for the Monon Line. This railroad, whose right-of-way is now owned by CSX, carried my future parents on their very first getaway alone together, 64 years ago today. Just over a year later, they'd be married.

I discovered recently that there is a Monon Line Connection Museum in Monon. I plan to visit there sometime soon, and will post pictures and other information about it here.

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