Jul 31, 2010

Resurfacing here...

My apologies to anyone who has taken the trouble to visit Dot's Diary blog-news over the past nine months. I have been AWOL and guilty of neglect. But I vow, here and now, to be more diligent.

A few updates:

  • Sunny---or my “aunt” Sunny as I've often called her---left us in early July. She is survived by her husband, Bob, her children and her grandchildren. Fortunately for me, I was able to reunite with her when my mom's diaries were being published. We had some great chats on the phone. Both Sunny and Bob shared their memories, and clarified some things for me. I visited them in St. Petersburg, Florida, where they had lived since the late 1950s. Sunny was as bright and cheerful as I'd always remembered; there could be no more appropriate name for her.
  • A friend, and neighbor of Dot's when she lived on Normal Blvd., Dan Malloy, graciously donned his Sherlock Holmes hat as he has many times before, and found some information about Don Trotta. For a brief time in 1946, and just before Dot met Dave, my father, Dot and Don dated. Dan uncovered a Dominic Trotta, born in 1924, who almost surely was the same person. Dominic passed away in 1996.
  • I've started--seriously, this time!--to review all the diary entries. My intent is to update information where I can, fix broken links, correct typos, and add new videos or photos where they're available. I've updated and uploaded several revised pages already. No dramatic changes. It's a slow, piecemeal process and will be going on over a period of time.
As always, I welcome any comments, photos or memories you'd like to share. Again, thank you to the diary visitors, especially new ones. I hope you'll return here again soon. --Dave (Dot's son)

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