Oct 28, 2009

Herb Martin

Herb Martin is the fellow who, for all practical purposes, was engaged to be married to my mother when he left to join the Navy in February of 1946.

Herb's life outside of the 1945-46 period in which he's in my mom's diary has been a mystery. Beyond September 20th of 1946--the last time Dot mentions Herb--I have had no clue to what became of him. Last we heard, he was stationed in Washington, D.C., and was by then dating a woman (coincidentally named Dorothy) in that city.

Lately I've found some more things out, and I've pieced them together below, in a sort of chronological order:
  • On Dec. 30, 1928, Herbert Roy Martin and his twin brother, Peter N. Martin, were born, most likely in the city of Chicago.
  • In 1930, the two 1-1/2-year-olds were living in Chicago at 7246 S. Oakley, (about three miles away from where Dot eventually met Herb) according to an official U.S. census report.
  • Some time between 1930 and June of 1945, the Martins moved to 639 West 61st Place, a block or two from Dot's home.
  • Dot meets Herb on June 26, 1945 outside of Whelans Drug Store.
  • On February 4, 1946, Herb is sworn in to the U.S. Navy. He will become an S1C--Seaman First Class--before leaving the Navy.
  • By June 13, 1946, Herb is stationed in Washington D.C.
  • By mid-August 1946, Herb is dating Dorothy Babington in Washington D.C. Dorothy was born in 1928. She is the daughter of James (a truck driver) and Dorothy, and she has at least one sibling by 1946--a brother, James.
  • Herb marries Dorothy Babington--probably in 1947 or '48.
  • Herb and Dorothy have at least two children: Herbert Jr. and Christine.
  • The Martins reportedly move to Washington D.C. in about 1955. It's unknown, but it's possible they may have previously been living in Herb's hometown of Chicago.
  • Herb's last residence was in the 33161 zip code--the North Miami area.
  • Herb died on Nov. 27, 1995. He is buried at Florida National Veterans Cemetery, Bushnell, Florida--about 50 miles west of Orlando.
That's all I have--for now. I'm still searching; perhaps this new information will jog a memory. If it does, drop me a line.

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