Sep 12, 2009

Ford City

Ford City shopping mall, on Chicago's southwest side, was the site of a bomber factory during WWII. With the end of the war in 1945, and a housing shortage at hand, the government considered GI housing. A fellow named Preston Tucker would end up using the buildings to produce his ill-fated autos. Barracks-like homes for war vets were constructed in the neighborhood. The three of us--me and my parents--lived in one of those paper-thin houses for a while.

The main route to the area back in 1945-46 was Archer Avenue--a diagonal thoroughfare running from downtown. The Stevenson Expressway and, later, the CTA's Orange Line made it easier. But the Orange Line stops north of the Ford City mall, at Midway Airport. Now, an extension to Ford City is being seriously considered. 

The city is under-served by its rapid transit lines, particularly to the south, southeast, and southwest sides. It might take several more years to correct that, but at least this is a start.

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