Aug 15, 2009

Potter Palmer's Castle

Interesting facts about the unique, and now lost, Palmer Mansion. The castle-like home, at 1350 North Lake Shore Drive, was demolished in 1950. An apartment complex stands on the site today. 

The sale of the mansion was reported in the Chicago Tribune on Thursday, December 11, 1945, (during the time Dot was dating Herb):

PALMER HOUSE SOLD TO HILTON FOR 19 MILLIONS: Purchase of the Palmer House for 19 million dollars was announced yesterday by C. N. Hilton, head of the Hilton Hotels of America chain. Hilton, on Feb. 15, bought Chicago's Stevens, the world's largest hotel, for a reported 7 -1/2 million dollars.

Other articles elsewhere on the site—Chicago History Journal—are worth the time to check out.

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  1. Anonymous12:45 PM CDT

    This story refers to the Palmer House Hotel not the Potter Palmer mansion. After the family sold the mansion it was opened for paid tours by the wreaking company that was tearing it down. The tearing down of the mansion received a fair amount of press coverage in 1950.