Aug 26, 2009

Edward M. Kennedy

I was 14 when John F. Kennedy was shot. My mother was 35, and very ill at the time, with just a few months left in her life. But I vividly remember her watching TV all throughout that mournful November weekend.

During 1945-46, the late Edward Kennedy was 13-14 years old. He was attending school in Massachusetts. From wikipedia:
Frequently uprooted as a child as his family moved among Bronxville, New York, Hyannis Port, Massachusetts, Palm Beach, Florida, and the Court of St. James's in London, Kennedy attended ten different schools by the age of eleven. 
At age seven, he received his First Communion from Pope Pius XII in the Vatican. He spent sixth and seventh grades in Fessenden School, where he was a mediocre student, and eighth grade at Cranwell Preparatory School, both in Massachusetts. His parents were affectionate toward him as the youngest child but also compared him unfavorably with his older brothers. 
Between the ages of eight and sixteen he suffered the trauma of his sister Rosemary Kennedy's failed lobotomy and the deaths of his brother Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr. in World War II and sister Kathleen Agnes Kennedy in an airplane crash. 
An early political and personal influence was his affable maternal grandfather, John "Honey Fitz" Fitzgerald, a former mayor of Boston and U.S. Representative. Kennedy spent his four high school years at Milton Academy prep school, where his grades were ordinary and he did well at football. He also played on the tennis and hockey teams and was in the drama, debate, and glee clubs.

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