Mar 28, 2009


In browsing through the diary pages again, I have noticed that many of the embedded movie clips have been “removed” by YouTube. In case you happen to wonder why, it is because the user who originally posted the clip I linked to has violated an agreement with YouTube not to post copyrighted material.

Sometime in the near future I will evaluate all the diary pages. In particular, I will check all the video clips to see if they are still working. If they have been removed, I'll try and replace them with a different one, or with a still picture.

As part of this planned evaluation, I also hope to update some of the entries with whatever new and relevant information I can find, in light of the fact that a year or two has passed since I posted the diary entry.

Another thing I have been wanting to do for quite awhile, is to add more daily news to the diary entries for 1945. Particularly during the year's first 4-6 months, leading up to the end of the war. At the time I wrote those, I wasn't accessing all the available news sources I did later on.

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