Apr 6, 2008

Dot's Back!

If you want to catch up, the delayed entries, from April 1st thru 5th, can be read here. Today's entry, as always, is here.

Thank you to the loyal readers who have returned. —D.


  1. Anonymous6:34 PM CDT

    Im carol from canada im back. thank you for the pictures of your mom when she was older 1961 and the older pictures of sis and vert in 2001.My man and i are driving to chicago this summer and we are going to see where dot lived when she was 16 . we will find it.it is june 25th today 08.i live in st. thomas ontario canada and thank you for sharing your mothers diary with me carol.

  2. Carol: Thank you. I'll have more, post-1946 photos online probably in the fall.

    I'm happy that you are planning to see Dot's home. Exit I-90 at 63rd Street, and it's just a few blocks west. Although not in its heyday anymore, the Englewood neighborhood is trying to make a comeback. But the area is still plagued by crime, and nowadays is one of the city's poorest.

  3. Anonymous9:00 AM CDT

    I have really enjoyed the diary. Your mom was ten years older than I. I lived at 60th and Normal for a while and 60th & Union for even longer. I remember so many of the places she talks about. I spent a lot of time in the Hiram Kelly Library.

    I wish you would keep posting the diary. My brother in CA told me about this site. I think he has written to you. I have another brother in Chicago that reads this all the time.

    I went to school at Lewis Champlin for a year then two years at St. Martin's where I graduated. This site brings back so many great memories. I hope you can keep it or something like it up.

    I can't tell you how much your site means to me.


  4. Barbara...

    You lived a block from my mother, as you know. She visited Kelly Library a lot, too.

    From about 1965-70, on and off, I worked at an electrical supply store near 59th & Halsted--not far from 60th & Union.

    I'm happy you and your brothers are reading, thanks. I will keep the diary going as long as I can. After that, I'll post an epilog with photos of Dot and the family from later years--and a sort of "where are they now?". Beyond that, I'm not sure yet. I wish she'd kept writing...