Oct 18, 2007

Dot's Diary in Chicago Tribune

In today's Chicago Tribune Metro section, there is a story, written by the Trib's Eric Zorn, and also an interview he did with me. The article is also online, here.


  1. Anonymous4:34 PM CDT

    This is a wonderful tribute to your mother and I am greatly moved by it.
    You also provide a special window into the history of the community I grew up in and reside in today.
    Thank you!

  2. Anonymous10:48 AM CST

    just read all of jan. it jogged some memory waves - names like doty, lodding, and kozack that for some reason (I was 7 yrs old) are in my history bank. I can't believe how many times the 'show' was visited as a main form of entertainment. no tv then so ok. She sure loved to keep the boys interested which i found hilarious. how did she wake up to go to school after all those 'late' nites? loved the pic of the library which was my early fascination destination - astronomy mostly. she seems to have been in constant activity yet uses the word dull several times - wow. never mentions how much walking was required to visit drugstore, shows, etc. It was a take for granted thing back then. Car travel, especially for teens was not common. love it! Will absorb feb soon. Dot's bro sonny (Lou)