Aug 10, 2007

Heaven is an open window

One of my favorite diary entries is from Tuesday, August 7th. Returning from a day at Riverview, my mother writes: “I sat by an open window in the L, and it was heaven.” I have that picture of her there. It's very clear, tho entirely imagined.

62 years later, Tuesday, August 7th, on a very hot, humid night, I found myself coming home on the L from an outdoor movie at Grant Park, looking out the window, wishing it would open, and thinking it would be heaven if it did.


  1. What a fantastic Blog!!!I feel Like we are time traveling.Seeing the world through your mom's eyes!!!

    Great Site

    I will link you up!!


  2. Wow. This is a very interesting blog you have here. If that is a pic of your mum up top there she was a very pretty lady!

  3. Any new entries???

    thank you!!!