May 25, 2007

Spalding High School

Today's diary entry mentions a music festival held at Chicago's Spalding High School for Crippled Children (as it was known at the time). I found an interview with Carol Gill, a former student and disability activist, but could not find any comprehensive information about the school and its history. No photos, other than the Google Earth image, above. So if anyone is familiar with Spalding (which was still open in 2003), send an email.

Update: Sunny says she was advised that there was, in the workplace, a very unfortunate stigma attached to the so-called “crippled” graduates from Spalding. In light of this advice, she later transferred to, and graduated from, Kelly High School.


  1. my great grandfather was Charles A Whelan, founder of United Cigar Company and Whelan Drugs...was interested in your blog. would you like more info?

  2. To Annie: Wow-yes, absolutely I would appreciate whatever information you'd like to share. Via a comment, or through an email -whichever you prefer. And thank you.

  3. Anonymous3:01 PM CST

    I'm a gradute 1960 from Spalding High School. I was wondering if I could get a copy of my gradute certificate?

    Is the school open? I read that the city was updating the school.

    Any information would be helpful

    Emil (Robert) Carrano