Mar 21, 2007

Whelan's Drugs

This postcard (from Digital Past) shows Whelan Drugs at 63rd & Halsted. Apparently, Whelan's stores were quite prevalent during the 20s-40s and later, like Walgreens is now. However, I could find only a few items about them.

From TIME Magazine, Dec. 22, 1941: “Died. Charles A. Whelan, 78, co-founder (with his brother) in 1901 of United Cigar Stores Co. of America which he sold in 1929 along with the Whelan Drug chain (founded by two of his sons); in East Orange, N.J.”

Another TIME (1937) article said “The 541 cigar stores of United Cigar-Whelan Stores Corp., which dot the country like an attack of measles, have long been filled to bursting with Mickey Mouse watches, G-Man automatics, [and] shoe trees...” And a 1964 Washington Post business item refers to the chain's upcoming merger.

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